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Shinshu Azumino

Nagano Prefecture’s Azumino area is located in the center of Japan, offering convenient access from Kanto (Tokyo & Yokohama), Chubu (Nagoya), and Kansai (Osaka, Kobe & Kyoto). Nestled in the rich nature at the foot of the Japan Alps, Azumino is a relaxing region that has earned a reputation as Japan’s countryside hometown.


The hotel is ideally situated here in the idyllic nature of Azumino’s mountains. It is a calm location surrounded by trees. The environments change across the four seasons, refreshing guest’s minds, whenever they visit. We look forward to giving you a warm and heartfelt welcome.

Access from Major Cities

Access from Major Cities

The Azumino Hotaka View Hotel is easily accessed by express train thanks to its proximity to Matsumoto Station and Hotaka Station (one express train per day) as well as Matsumoto Airport. A shuttle bus service is provided to Hotaka and Akashina stations so the hotel is easily reached by public transport including train, plane, and bus.

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Amenities provided in all rooms:
Air Conditioner, Bed, TV (BS Satellite / foreign language broadcasts), Alarm clock, Bath / Shower, Shower Toilet, Refrigerator, Electric Kettle, Tea Set, Drier, Yukata (Japanese-style robe) , Slippers, Bath towel, Face Towel
All rooms have automatic locks

Natural Hot Spring Baths

Our 2 baths utilize a secret hot spring source in the Northern Alps.

Hot-spring Grand bath
A spacious bath with a large glass window from which guests can look out on the trees through the changing of the seasons. The fatigue of travel is washed away as bathers are enveloped in the famous hot spring waters of the Northern Alps. You can also enjoy the health benefits of our excellent sauna and Jacuzzi.

Hot-spring Open-air bath
The time when the trees bud, fresh green, summer rains, deep green, summer heat, early autumn, changing leaves, late autumn, then the winter blanketed in a snow landscape... You can feel the changing of Hotaka’s seasons in your skin as you relax in our open-air rock-bath. While staying at the hotel guests can bath in a hot spring bath, surrounded by nature, birdsong and the sound of wind in the trees.



Japanese cuisine
Our Japanese chef specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine and seasonal flavors.

French cuisine
Our French chef prepares exquisite dishes with seasonal ingredients.

※Dinner requires a reservation. Please reserve your group’s dinner from the same menu by 17:00 on the preceding day.

Japanese & Western Breakfast Buffet

Enjoy a relaxing meal at the sunlit tables or on the refreshing terrace of restaurant “Chamonix”. Choose from a selection of Japanese or Western dishes in a buffet style.
※Either a Japanese or Western buffet is available, depending on the day.

Hotel Facilities

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